Business and dance are two very different things but there are lessons that business people can learn from the discipline of dance.  

Pacific Tango Group’s name comes from the English expression “It takes two to tango”. It means that when you want to master new steps quickly and thoroughly, it’s best to have a strong leader show you how.  

Dancing is complex.  It’s essential to know the basic steps and how to apply them at the right moment.  That is made even more difficult when new and unfamiliar musical rhythms and steps are introduced. 

Business is also complex and becomes even more difficult when entering new markets, new cultures, unfamiliar languages, legal systems, and more. 

Cultures and markets are specific to a particular local.  The dynamics of each must be learned and mastered before a business can succeed.  Knowing the steps required to enter a new market isn’t enough.  You must overlay the unfamiliar music (local business norms, language, communication styles, legal and regulatory requirements, points of entry and access etc.) and unfamiliar rhythms (market-specific conditions, needs, wants, standards, and regulations) or your business will always be out of step with your objectives.

Pacific Tango Group expertly leads its business partners through complex markets because not only do we know the steps, we know the music and rhythms too.  PTG members are experienced in a broad variety of markets, products, and business disciplines which we use to support clients’ specific knowledge and product expertise.  

In business as in dance, it truly takes two to tango.  A strong leader teaches his partner new steps, navigates them around obstacles, and confidently moves forward.  Over time the partner memorizes those new steps and learns to stand on their own.  

That’s a successful duo.  That’s Pacific Tango Group’s mission